Pay per review from your blog -

Pay per review from your blog -

Do you have a blog ? Do you have some readers ?
You can make some money by reviewing products on your blog.

How much ?
It depends on the topics your blog covers and on the visitors that you get, but explains that you can get from $20-$200 per review.

How does it work ?
First send you site for inclusion to the appropriate category. Reviewme explains in its FAQ's that to be included your blog needs "citations, subscribers, and traffic."

After you are accepted in network, you can start receiving requests for reviews.

The advertisers will have the option to select YOU (for their review) from a list of blogs categorized by topic and traffic and cost of review.

You receive the review request and if you chose to accept it you write minimun 200 words about the product and you post it on your blog and you notify about the completion of your review. You get paid in the beggining of each month according to the reviews you have completed.

So if you have a blog that has a nice design and some decent traffic then you can register to be a part of the reviewme network and start writing reviews for money.


Fucc said...

is should also try a great one...maybe the best lol! Take a look at my site, expecially at bottom...

Yujin said...

Is there any site that accept paypal payments for reviews ?

iamronel said...

great share indeed..:)