MyLot pays per post

MyLot pays per post

You like the idea of writing on the web but you can't be bothered to setup a blog ?
Another way to start making money is MyLot which pays you when you start a discussion and when people respond to your posts. What exactly you get paid is not disclosed but its roughly around $0.05 per post and $0.01 when someone respond to your post. Well the money are not a lot but if you write about some topics that you like and people respond to them then you can start getting some.

The requirements on the posts are not very strict either. Basically don't post nonsense and questions that require answers of Yes/No nature, copyrighted material etc (read more guidelines here). Thus the conversations don't need too much preparation, which leads sometimes to very lame discussions but anyway its up to you to make conversations more interesting.

Another way to get some money from MyLot is to refer people to sign up and then you get 25% of their earnings. So sign up now and be very productive and start lots of great discussions and start referring other people.


mr.ular said...

I encourage people who wants to see definite results in making money online to try posting on Mylot. I myself also posts on mylot whenever I have time. It rewards you on monthly basis.
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Anonymous said...

I don't know why people use pay per post, they rake in 35% of the advertisers money away from the blogger. now that's a great service! It's free for the blogger and free for the advertiser. They just have a little google ad. Genius.

make money said...

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Sergeantrom said...

If you love talking about different topics, Mylot is a great way to earn online. You spend time talking in chat rooms for nothing, why not get paid? Here is a great guide to Mylot: