Agloco - Own the internet

AGLOCO is not just another pay to surf program.
You sign up for your AGLOCO account, you download a viewbar which you install on your computer and you keep it active for 5 hours a month when you are on the internet. You get paid part of the money that AGLOCO makes depending on your surfing amount.

You also get money when you refer people to AGLOCO
If you refer people to sign up then these registered users become part of your network and when they get money you get money.

You also get money from commissions
You get a share of any commissions AGLOCO gets when a Member purchases a product or service from an AGLOCO Sponsor company

Where will AGLOCO get all this money to pay all the members ?
First of all AGLOCO is owned by its members in the sense that 90% is promised to go back to the members that comprise it (since its the biggest asset AGLOCO will have). If the network becomes as big as the founders hope it will (10,000,000 users by July 2007) then advertisers will pay good money to be advertised on the AGLOCO network.

Calculate your potential monthly earnings (Taken directly from the AGLOCO site)
1.Direct Member referrals (estimate the number of Members you will refer)

2.Estimate the average number of referrals that you think each of your referrals will get

3.Estimate average monthly hours a Member surfs the Internet


For illustrative purposes only. Your actual earnings could vary from this example, as Viewbar rates and hours may change regularly.

As of the 30th of December 2006 the viewbar is still in the testing phase but you can go ahead and register for an AGLOCO account and start building your network of referred friends and colleagues


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Other interesting Links
Internet How

Be a guide for is a very frequented site (Alexa Rank 86) that covers stories with many subjects. website structure has broken down its website into sections/categories and it has assigned a person (guide) responsible for each one. A guide is responsible to build and maintain a GuideSite (a topical section) of which contains:

  • Original content (articles, reviews, FAQs, tutorials) written by the guide
  • A blog featuring the guide's unique voice and personality
  • A directory of the best content in the topic, whether it be the guide's own work or links to other sites
  • A discussion forum where the guide serves as community leader is in need of guides (full time commitment required)
Check out the available topics and if you are interested in any of them just apply. Anyone can apply to be a guide and the requirements and experience to be accepted vary with the topic.

Send you application
Qualified applicants with proven expertise in a topic are accepted into a 17 days no-pay preparation program that you actually simulate the building of you GuideSite. After the preparation is over and you graduate with success you get a bonus of $250 and then start building your live GuideSite from scratch.

The actual work
At a minimum, guides must publish a full-length article every 14 days and update their blog three times per week.

The compensation
Each Guide has a page view rate which is paid per 1000 page views but, guides in the first year of their contract are guaranteed to make at least $500 per month but depending on the pageviews their topics generate it could be much higher.

Hmm!! I am thinking about it very seriously.

Earn from adsense on

You don't have to have your own site or blog to make money from adsense. is a site that shares its adsense revenue with its authors. You just register with them and start writing articles and the ads are served 50% with your adsense id and 50% with earnticles' id. In other words you make roughly 50% of the ad revenue your articles generate.

The design is very pleasing to the eye and the blog machine behind it is wordpress. Thus you can expect that posting an article is as easy as it gets.

The articles on earnticle cover a wide variety of subjects from family and health to web development and SEO.

Although it does not have many authors/readers yet since its a brand new site, I expect it to get many more interested in writing and frequenting the site soon.

Pay per review from your blog -

Do you have a blog ? Do you have some readers ?
You can make some money by reviewing products on your blog.

How much ?
It depends on the topics your blog covers and on the visitors that you get, but explains that you can get from $20-$200 per review.

How does it work ?
First send you site for inclusion to the appropriate category. Reviewme explains in its FAQ's that to be included your blog needs "citations, subscribers, and traffic."

After you are accepted in network, you can start receiving requests for reviews.

The advertisers will have the option to select YOU (for their review) from a list of blogs categorized by topic and traffic and cost of review.

You receive the review request and if you chose to accept it you write minimun 200 words about the product and you post it on your blog and you notify about the completion of your review. You get paid in the beggining of each month according to the reviews you have completed.

So if you have a blog that has a nice design and some decent traffic then you can register to be a part of the reviewme network and start writing reviews for money.

Own an internet directory

There is a whole lot of fuss, the last few years, about getting backlinks (links pointing) to your site. Its been argued time and time again in the webmaster forums that it helps a lot in the visibility of your site to have many and if possible to have links from quality sites. It would be even better to have links from sites that are similar in theme to yours.

The belief is that the more links you have pointing to your site, the better the position you get when one is searching for content (keywords) that is similar to what you have on your site. This belief does not seem to be far from the truth actually (nobody really knows the truth apart from the search engine engineers themselves).

Well this belief alone has led to the spawning of internet directories. The directories are not really a new kind of website - yahoo started out as an internet directory - its just that after the acceptance of backlinks as a value added to a website there is a rush of people to start their own web directories.

The web directories serve as a purpose to categorize the content of the web. In essence they put links from their web directory pointing to other websites but each link is put into its appropriate category/page. For example some directories have the "Regional" page which has links to pages such as "US" "Italy" "Germanay" and clicking lets say on "US" would take you to another page with links to websites related to US (could also have further categorization).

Web directories usually start out as free for all (FFA) to add a link (maybe in exchange for a backlink), and as they become popular they start charging the sites that want to be listed in them. For example the Yahoo Directory charges $299 a year for any site to be included in it (but lets non profit organizations to be included for free). Some directories can also have free links for all but have payed premium placement on top of the categories some of the popular ones are alive directory, site-sift, aviva directory, jayde but a could probably list another 2000 that are not that popular.

So how do you build one ?
Setting it up is probably the easiest to do, there is a bunch of scripts out, some free (indexscript, site sift listings ... ) and some charge a small fee (php Link Directory, eSyndicat ...). Setting it involves 1)getting a server to host it and 2)getting a domain name 3) installing/and configuring the script to the server. Later on when your directory becomes popular you create a paypal account and configure the script so that people are charged for inclusion.

Building it is only half of the trouble, the rest (if not more) of the trouble goes into marketing it so that it becomes popular. That is a whole different subject that I will probably write something about next time.

MyLot pays per post

You like the idea of writing on the web but you can't be bothered to setup a blog ?
Another way to start making money is MyLot which pays you when you start a discussion and when people respond to your posts. What exactly you get paid is not disclosed but its roughly around $0.05 per post and $0.01 when someone respond to your post. Well the money are not a lot but if you write about some topics that you like and people respond to them then you can start getting some.

The requirements on the posts are not very strict either. Basically don't post nonsense and questions that require answers of Yes/No nature, copyrighted material etc (read more guidelines here). Thus the conversations don't need too much preparation, which leads sometimes to very lame discussions but anyway its up to you to make conversations more interesting.

Another way to get some money from MyLot is to refer people to sign up and then you get 25% of their earnings. So sign up now and be very productive and start lots of great discussions and start referring other people.

Need help ? want to guest blog ? something else ?

Do you need help with your own blog ?

Do you want to guest blog for make money online ideas ?

Do you want to send your own review about a site or a way people make money online ?

Do you want to help me create more articles like the ones you see here ?

Do you want a money making site to be reviewed / promoted ?

Have a comment that you don't want to post ?

Well ... send me an email at kongeo gmail com and I will get back to you soon.

Make money blogging

Ok!!! you are convinced that blogging is for you and you probably want that extra money that it can give you.

You can create your own blog and put adverting on your blog so when people click on it you get paid for the referral. Creating your own blog means that you have to have your own domain name and host (that would cost around $10/month) and then you have to generate some traffic to you site, well believe me its not easy.

A free alternative would be to get a blog from or and you can eliminate the costs of hosting and domain name registration. But you still have to put your own advertisements on the site and drive traffic to it. It is still hard to do.

A better alternative for the begginer blogger is to start with a service such as writingup. With writingup you sign up and start blogging without worrying about setting anything up. The catch is that they give you a percentage of the money they are making from the advertising on your blog pages - which at the moment is 50%. Well, you can't have everything, after all they provide you with the comfort of not worrying about setting anything up and they pay for hosting. Everything is automated for you, you just sign up and start blogging.

Expected to launch soon blogcharm is another site that promises to share the revenues with the bloggers so keep an eye on it.

UPDATE: brand new blog hosting and setup for free can be found here, read the announcement on DP forums

Make money making videos

If you are not good at writing, writing for a blog that is, then maybe you enjoy using your digital camera. Its a fine hobby let me tell you but, it can also be your full time job, or a part time one.

It was recently brought to my attention that at metacafe you can post videos and get money from it!!!! So why are still people posting their videos on YouTube ?? As far as know it does not pay the publishers money when people watch them !!! At the time of this writing the user Reel Stunts has made more than $25000.

So what are you waiting for ?
It must not be that difficult to make a video, if you have the passion, just get a subject that you like shoot it and upload it to metacafe, after signing up with them and reading all the terms and conditions that they set forth.

Well so far so good, now all you need to do is get people to watch it. In order to get any money from this your video has to be watched at least 1000 times (the pay rate is $1/1000 view).

One simple promotion that you can do for you video is email all your friends and contacts to see it, tell them its your video they will get interested and probably do it. If the video is any good they will refer it to other people that they know.

Another simple way to promote it is get into forums that you hang out in and tell people about it. Or find some forums that have subjects similar to your video's subject.

So my advice is you get a subject that you like (I would prefer something funny), and you shoot it and then try to get everyone you know to watch it from their computer (watching it from the same computer or at your house is not going to register any more views) and if its any good probably more people will watch it and maybe you get Steven Spielberg come knocking at your door one Sunny Monday.

Get a blog

What is a blog ?
A blog or weblog is a journal (or newsletter) that is frequently updated and intended for general public consumption. Blogs generally represent the personality of the author or the Web site.

Why get one ?

Well everybody has one (I just got mine) and some people make money on them, so why don't you just get yourself one. You can setup one for free with blogger or wordpress (the 2 most popular ones) and start putting your ideas down. You don't have to pay for hosting nor for a domain, its completely free.

How do you make money from a blog ?
Well the basic idea is simple, you write about your favorite topic and if you have some passion you get enough people to read your blog and hopefully click on the ads that are in your blog pages.

What ads ?
Most people have ads on their blogs (just look on the top and right side), so they can make a little money to support their passion which is writing about their favorite topic. Some people make decent money because they attract a big audience and a lot more people get to click on the ads.

How do you get money from ads ?
Well when people click on the ads the click is counted automatically from your ad provider and it is translated into a few cents (or a few bucks depending on the topic). When you reach a certain amount you can collect the money.

How do I get ads on my site ?
The most well know ad provider is google with their adsense program. This is a PPC (pay per click) program that means that you get paid only if someone clicks on your ads. They have wizards to help you setup the ads and give you instructions on how to include them on your pages, so it has become pretty easy to set up a blog to display ads.

So to round this up, find a topic, get a blog, and register with an ad provider. Chances are that you already have some sort of account with Google, probably gmail so just go to adsense and setup up your publisher's account. Then go to blogger (same as blogspot - part of the google services) and setup your blog. If you get into trouble post a comment here and I will try to help on the technical aspects.

About this blog

My name is Giorgos Kontopoulos,

Welcome to my blog,

This is a place where I am presenting ideas on how to make money on the web. Its not a get-rich-scheme that guarantees results, just simple ideas that people have implemented and made money (some made a few, some made millions).

You can follow the steps others followed and succeed or you can fail. Most businesses in real life and on the web fail anyway. So learn from other's successes or failures and make them better or avoid them altogether.

I am in the process of trying some of these ideas myself so bare with me, comment on the posts, or ask me to participate in this journey.

Hope you enjoy

PS if you want to learn more about me take a look at my web design blog or my linkedin profile.