DirectoryCritic an excellent service

Directory Critic is a website where one can find free and paid web directories rated by people who have submitted to them so anyone can take advantage and submit their own websites to the best directories (or directory submission services could use them to build their lists)

Why should we care ?
I was browsing on one of my favorite webmasters forums lately and I noticed a thread that was advertising an 8000 free directory list giveaway. Since its free I thought I might as well give it a try. The number of the directories was by itself a big plus (8000). When I finally imported the list to my favorite submission program I discovers that withing the first 120 "entries" I tried to submit only 10 where really directories, most had vanished, other had changed to paid only, and others had become adult content sites. Not only that, but the ones I finally managed to submit did not send an email confirming the submission ...

Today I had the urge to submit to a few more directories but I would not try the long list of crap which I had already erased BTW, instead I copied the first 200 free directories from the directorycritic site and started submiting ... I submitted about 50 in a matter of 30 minutes; all were free and to my pleasent surpise almost all send an email confirmation back. I actually had one accepting the submission and listing my website in a matter of 15 minutes .... wow

Thanking directory critic and LinksInn
After such a good service I received; I decided that I needed to give something back to the directory critic and to in particular to the LinksInn web directory that was so fast in accepting my website. I actually went to give them a rating.

In my opinion the rating was unnecessarily long process which made me wonder if I would ever rate a directory again. I am not ungreatful at this great service, I am just wishfully thinking what if the details of my submission (name, email, url submitted, url where my site is listed) where sort of automated and just the actuall rating was available to us ? Lots more people I assume would go through the process of actually submitting a rating and in turn the service provided by directory critic would be of a bigger value.

Thanks directory critic

Creating a game site, things to avoid

Its almost 4 complete months ever since I launched Games Online 4 Free and lots of people have asked me how is it going ... so I figured an update was worth it. Well this post is not really an update but some things new game site owner should pay attention to.

Look for the latest version of the script that you are using, avoid hackers, I learned the hard way.

I installed the AVarcade as was mention on the original post but soon I was attacked by some annoying hackers due to some bugs in the code. The site would be attacked 5-6 times a day and it would be unusable for hours until I took notice. I used a temporary solution to deprive privileges from the database user so anyone getting admin rights on the script would not have update or delete privileges on the database. When the update to the script came out and I patched the code I reverted the privileges back to normal.

Make sure the gamepacks you installed don't have any objectionable games in them.

I've had google warn me that if I kept serving google adsense ads on my Hentai Puzzle games my account would be suspended. Of course the games where nothing more than girls striping on completion of the puzzle but since the google team found them objectionable other might find them too so I decided to delete the games anyway ...

Don't be impatient, traffic does not come from the first day.

I have had steadily less than 100 visitors and 300 page views per day for the last 4 months. Lately that number has gone up to more than 200 visitors and 600 pageviews, which is not huge but I know that things are improving. I figured: all the directory submission that I did 4 months ago, only started getting approved lately and google started recognizing it as a game site (due to the anchors texts that I used) and started having better positions in the SERPs. So just build as many backlinks as you can and the traffic from the search engines will rise in due time ...

Make money paypal ?

Lately there has been lots of searches for make money paypal that end up here on this blog. Google send me this traffic probably due to an earlier post warning to paypal users.

Those visits got me thinking nevertheless ... how can you make money with paypal ? (assuming that is what people where searching for).

You can't!!! Paypal is just a way to send or receive money. Paypal of course makes money with every transaction but we can't unless of course its a scam.

Search the internet for paypal scam and related phrases and quickly found this post and this having people claim to be making thousands of dollars in a very simple way.

The scam goes like this:
The scummer gives you a few paypal emails that you send a few buck$ to.
You put your paypal email at the end of the list and you drop the first .
You post that message to as many places as you can and try to convince others to send money to that list ...

So not only this is a scam, and the initiators would get some $$ in their paypal accounts, people believing in it would start spamming forums and bulletin boards in order to get their message across ...