Earn money as a freelance link builder

It is probably apparent to most of us by now that link building is an essential part of improving your search engine position and consequently the traffic search engines send to a site. There are numerous free link building techniques but one of the most beneficial is link exchanges. You find sites that are relevant to your site's theme/subject and exchange links with them. Those links have the potential of sending targeted traffic but are also valued by the search engines (including Google) more than other links because of their relevancy factor.

Link exchanges are time consuming.
A successful link exchange includes finding a relevant site to your theme making the necessary contact with the site's owner or webmaster (usually via email) and communicating the willingness for an exchange and then placing the actual link and making sure that the relevant site places a link to your site. Not all contacts result in link exchanges because not all site owners understand or care for the benefits of such exchanges. Thus the process become

Why Link exchange freelancers ?
There are lots of SEO companies and web consultants that offer link exchanges as part of their SEO services. They either have personnel specializing in link exchanges or they outsource some or all link exchanges to freelance link builders. If you have not thought about it before, anyone can become a link builder and do link exchanges.

What can you expect ?
What is expected of you is to have a good command of the English language (preferred language of communication) and be able to write an enticing sentence and get relevant sites to exchange links with you. Having some experience on why and how linking works will help a great deal to find the relevant sites or you could otherwise be exchanging links with sites that google would not find valuable and the companies are not willing to pay for. Most SEO companies will have a minimum requirement of the potential link partner's site to have at least PageRank of 2 on homepage and that the page where the link is to be placed to be crawled at least once a month (can be determined by the Cache date of the page).

3 way link exchanges
Most clients needing SEO services will not be willing to place links on their sites and essentially they want 1 way links. Most SEO companies overcome this limitation by offering links to potential link exchanging sites from their directories. This essentially makes the whole process a 3 way link exchange. A link building freelancer will have access to those directories and place the links there; links to the sites that have confirmed willingness to exchange links that is.

How much can you earn ?
Different companies are charging their clients different prices depending on their experience and niche of client, but anywhere from $0.50 - $10 is probably about right per successful relevant link. The closest the theme/subject to the client's site, the better the PR of the homepage or the link page or the better the crawl rate of the link page can drive the price to the high end of the range.

Its sounds easy !!!
And it is in theory but if you are not at ease with searching for relevant/similar sites or sending lots of email communications and receiving only a fraction of answers it can make this an overwhelming task.

If you are looking for ways to make a buck, hope you find this useful.

I am also in need of a link building freelancer/partner
I am also offering web and seo services to my clients and I am in need of someone willing to take over this part of link building. My customer's list does not allow me to offer too much money per link for this service but, I am willing to work with an inexperienced person and teach him the ins and outs of successful link exchanging. Only requirement is that this person has a good command of the English language. Serious offers please send me an email (I am sure you can find it here or on geoland.org) or post here and I will be notified of the post.

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