Make money making videos

Make money making videos

If you are not good at writing, writing for a blog that is, then maybe you enjoy using your digital camera. Its a fine hobby let me tell you but, it can also be your full time job, or a part time one.

It was recently brought to my attention that at metacafe you can post videos and get money from it!!!! So why are still people posting their videos on YouTube ?? As far as know it does not pay the publishers money when people watch them !!! At the time of this writing the user Reel Stunts has made more than $25000.

So what are you waiting for ?
It must not be that difficult to make a video, if you have the passion, just get a subject that you like shoot it and upload it to metacafe, after signing up with them and reading all the terms and conditions that they set forth.

Well so far so good, now all you need to do is get people to watch it. In order to get any money from this your video has to be watched at least 1000 times (the pay rate is $1/1000 view).

One simple promotion that you can do for you video is email all your friends and contacts to see it, tell them its your video they will get interested and probably do it. If the video is any good they will refer it to other people that they know.

Another simple way to promote it is get into forums that you hang out in and tell people about it. Or find some forums that have subjects similar to your video's subject.

So my advice is you get a subject that you like (I would prefer something funny), and you shoot it and then try to get everyone you know to watch it from their computer (watching it from the same computer or at your house is not going to register any more views) and if its any good probably more people will watch it and maybe you get Steven Spielberg come knocking at your door one Sunny Monday.