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Who wants to buy links ?
Google likes sites that have many good links pointing to them (backlnks). Each link counts like a vote to the site that are pointing to. The better the site that is linking the stronger the vote. Roughly speaking the more and relevant the backlinks the better position the site gets among the search engine results. This votes are somehow summed up in what is called the Google PageRank. The PageRank is the little green bar that displays for every page when you have the google toolbar on your browser, the grade scale is from 0 to 10. If you want to know more about the pagerank visit Matt Cutt's blog (one of the chief engineers at google)

Therefore people want as many links to their websites as they can possibly get. Sometimes they are even willing to pay for them.

For this reason most webmaster forums have setup subforums for link development - where people give and get advice on how to build their backlinks - and also sections where people can post their link exchange and link sale offers. A good starting point would be the notorious digitalpoint forums or any webmaster forum that has such subforums.

For more advanced link traders there are places like Text Link Ads that have a network of advertisers that want to get backlinks, and publishers that (in this scenario) are website owners offering backlinks for money. A publisher is registering to be accepted to the program and makes know the websites that he is willing to sell backlinks on. If an advertisers happens to like the website and thinks the price is fair then there is a match and the text link exchange program gets a cut of the deal.

Most link exchange programs will look for a good pagerank, decent traffic (proven with alexa statistics) and relevance of the site to be included in their publishers network.

Luckily for amateurs like me there are places that don't have so strict acceptance rules, like buy sell text link ads and the iwebtool link market (the latter does not charge for any link exchange).

So if you have a site that has built some decent backlinks and pagerank you can sell your links to interested parties.

Photographers! Make money!

Have some nice pictures ?
ShutterStock is running a photo stock website. It will let users, with a paid subscription, to download pictures; pictures that can't be found anywhere else.

What is in it for you ?
ShutterStock wants photographers to sign up and upload their pictures for money. They promise to give money for each download to your picture. The rate is $0.5 for each download. Not much mind you but if your pictures are nice and people download them then for 100 downloads you can get $50. Unfortunatelly the minimum payout amount is $75 which means in order to get paid you have to have your picture downloaded at least 150 times.

Another possible disadvantage to the program is that the subscription to the users starts from €121.91 which might prevent loads of people to sign up and might prevent you from reaching your minimum downloads fast.

I am not a photographer and don't have something to offer so I did not sign up but if you are it might be worth a try.

ShutterStock is not only for photographers
You can refer stock buyers and get 20% of any subscribers fees. You can also refer photographers and earn 3 cents per download of their pictures.

Here is the frequently asked questions in case you have some.

Smart and easy steps of debt free life

I was talking with this guy on the digital point forums and we started talking about credit card and other debts people get into over the years and then explained to me that he has a service on the internet to help people consolidate their debts. I got very interested in the service and thought people visiting the blog could also be very interested too but, since I am not very familiar with the subject he offered to write an article which I would post on this blog.

So here it is unedited:

Smart and easy steps of debt free life

Being in debts is not a crime. This is what all consumers should keep in mind before they start taking loans and credits. But the fact remains that most debtors take loans often going beyond their affordability and fail to make the payments. What is required is a little awareness on debt related issues along with a planned budget that will help you to resolve your debt problems. Here are some useful tips to guide you when you are in debts.

Try out various options to repay debts:
Accept the fact that you are in debt and you have to pay off your loans. Do not file for bankruptcy without trying out the other options to get rid off your debts. It is always better to pay off the debt rather than declare a bankruptcy, which will have a negative impact on your credit profile.

So coordinate with your creditors, discuss your situation with them and initiate the negotiation. Some of your creditors may not be cooperative at all. But then negotiate with those who are willing to cooperate with you. Professional debt help from credit counselors or online debt consolidation can make it easier to deal with debts.

Do not acquire any more credit:
It is a general conception that one can repay previous debts by taking credit from some other creditor. This may help in some cases but if your income level does not support it then you better not go for this option. This is because you have already piled up a lot of debts and it may become difficult for to you to deal with so many loans at the same time.

You may also think of converting unsecured debts into secured debt but you may lose your home or car in case you fail to pay off the secured debt. Moreover, you may not be able to find a suitable debt settlement program, as these programs do not support consolidation of secured debts.

Assign a priority to your debts:
Prioritize your debts and try to pay off those accounts first which may lead you to trouble in the near future. For instance, if you have not paid the power bills, then pay them off first; otherwise, it may lead to termination of the power supply. Also, go for a tight budget and restrict your expenses to those items which are absolutely necessary.

Look for ways to add on to your income:
Look out for a part time job so that you can supplement your primary income with some extra dollars. This will add on to your budget and help you to repay the debts. Along with this, also ensure that you are utilizing all the benefits that you are allowed to get. You may contact the independent Welfare Rights Agency to know about the benefits that you can possibly avail. For instance, if your income level is low, then you may get a discount on your rental expenses or on the council tax payments. Also, go for an insurance policy that can help you with payments if you come across an accident.

Seek debt consolidation services:
Analyze your situation and then opt for a suitable debt consolidation company. Know how much their services can help you to recover from bad credit. Carefully go through the terms and conditions of the company and try to find out if there are any hidden costs involved.

Provide the counselor of the company with all the relevant details of your credit history and financial situation. This will help him to have a clear idea of how much you can pay towards the repayment of your debts and then he can come up with a suitable repayment plan so that you can get rid off debts within a shorter period of time. But the plan will only work out if you follow it strictly. For this, you may have to spend as little as possible; but this is nothing against a
debt free life.


Know-how of some useful tips can relieve you from your debt problems as these provide solutions as to how you can manage to pay off debt. These simple and easy steps will help you to get over your debt problems. Online debt consolidation could really be a good option.

Author:- Debt Samaritan - Debt Samaritan is dedicated to help debt burdened people. Many have been benefited with this voluntary approach of Debt Samaritan. Debt Samaritan is involved in forum management of debt consolidation care and develops content for the site.