Agloco - Own the internet

Agloco - Own the internet

AGLOCO is not just another pay to surf program.
You sign up for your AGLOCO account, you download a viewbar which you install on your computer and you keep it active for 5 hours a month when you are on the internet. You get paid part of the money that AGLOCO makes depending on your surfing amount.

You also get money when you refer people to AGLOCO
If you refer people to sign up then these registered users become part of your network and when they get money you get money.

You also get money from commissions
You get a share of any commissions AGLOCO gets when a Member purchases a product or service from an AGLOCO Sponsor company

Where will AGLOCO get all this money to pay all the members ?
First of all AGLOCO is owned by its members in the sense that 90% is promised to go back to the members that comprise it (since its the biggest asset AGLOCO will have). If the network becomes as big as the founders hope it will (10,000,000 users by July 2007) then advertisers will pay good money to be advertised on the AGLOCO network.

Calculate your potential monthly earnings (Taken directly from the AGLOCO site)
1.Direct Member referrals (estimate the number of Members you will refer)

2.Estimate the average number of referrals that you think each of your referrals will get

3.Estimate average monthly hours a Member surfs the Internet


For illustrative purposes only. Your actual earnings could vary from this example, as Viewbar rates and hours may change regularly.

As of the 30th of December 2006 the viewbar is still in the testing phase but you can go ahead and register for an AGLOCO account and start building your network of referred friends and colleagues


Jessi said...

Oh, I hadn't heard about this yet. Interesting idea, but I wonder how well it'll actually work out....and how long it'll last.

GK said...

Don't really know but it seems a lot of people are pushing this since there is money for everybody.

Of course the firstcomers will be the ones to make the most through referrals.

If the network grows enough then the advertisers will get interested