Lone logo and template designers !!

Are you a lone template/logo designer ?

Are you sick of trying to outbid the big companies on the
elance getacoder guru and the like ?

Don't lose faith !!
Most webmasters forums are filled with webmasters who could be given a hand at making their sites look prettier.

Search the net for webmasters forum. I recommend digital point forums or v7n forums - lots of people hang out there. Most of them are enterpreneurs and could not bother to spend time on their logos or templates. They prefer to outsource this to other fellow forum members.

Of course you have to show them some of your work, and maybe charge less for you first gigs until people trust you enough to give you jobs that require more money.

There is also people that would sponsor you for making templates for their favorite cms or link directory scripts or even pay to get an exclusive on your stunning new template.

Three tips:
When you do work for someone ask them in your corespondence to comment on your work when its finished (start a thread in a forum and advertise your work - ask them to comment there). It helps a lot to get more deals if someone is already satisfied with your work and recommends you.

If you are good with making templates lots of webmasters are interested in phpld templates or esyndicat templates and lots of bloggers would be interesting in brand new wordpress templates.

It would be a good idea to create a site where you have all your work concentrated and neatly displayed for the benefit of you potential customers.