Make money blogging

Make money blogging

Ok!!! you are convinced that blogging is for you and you probably want that extra money that it can give you.

You can create your own blog and put adverting on your blog so when people click on it you get paid for the referral. Creating your own blog means that you have to have your own domain name and host (that would cost around $10/month) and then you have to generate some traffic to you site, well believe me its not easy.

A free alternative would be to get a blog from or and you can eliminate the costs of hosting and domain name registration. But you still have to put your own advertisements on the site and drive traffic to it. It is still hard to do.

A better alternative for the begginer blogger is to start with a service such as writingup. With writingup you sign up and start blogging without worrying about setting anything up. The catch is that they give you a percentage of the money they are making from the advertising on your blog pages - which at the moment is 50%. Well, you can't have everything, after all they provide you with the comfort of not worrying about setting anything up and they pay for hosting. Everything is automated for you, you just sign up and start blogging.

Expected to launch soon blogcharm is another site that promises to share the revenues with the bloggers so keep an eye on it.

UPDATE: brand new blog hosting and setup for free can be found here, read the announcement on DP forums


Bloggers Payback said...

I totally agree!! To me there is no point in making money blogging if you have to pay for the domain name. Now, if you have monetized your blog and have good resources to drive traffic to your blog, then that would be another story. But, in order to get started and make a profit using a free blog would be the best route to go. Thanks for a great read!!