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Directory submission software review, Website Submitter

On a previous post about creating your own submission service I briefly talked about submission software such as IBP Arelis and submiteaze that could help get the job done faster and create reports of submissions.

I recently received the codes and passwords to the website submitter software from the company that owns it and I gave it a try. It was very nice gesture and I thank them for it. This is a brief review in my sort usage of it but keep in mind that its not a paid review.

What does a directory submission program supposed to do ?
Have a database of free or reciprocal directories that the owner can easily cycle through and with a press of a few buttons fill in the directory forms and submit his/her websites.

This program's specific features and strong points are:

  • takes you directly to the submit page of each directory if possible
  • It has a database of more than 3000+ directories included
  • Can add your own directories to the database
  • Can report a bad directory directly to the developer
  • Ability to choose directories to submit by PR or subject from a easily filtered database
  • live PR of directory displayed when submitting
  • automatic picking of category (not always succeful)
  • works with javascript enchanced submit forms
  • works with all the directory scripts I have tried (phpld, indexscript, indexu etc)
If you want to see the website submitter features as the the owner company describes them.

Some of the areas the program would need some improvement sorted by importance:
  • Better matching of the category, even specifying more than one keyword and upon finding more than one matches the user gets notified to chose among the different matches
  • Need more than two status choices (submitted, failed) I propose adding "don't want to submit"
  • Ability to change attributes of any directory in the database, like the option to select a few and mark them submitted (in case one has submit to them manually)
  • automatic picking of category is not always correct, search is looking for the word specified on the setting of each project, but stops searching when a match is found (a second match usually exists and might be more appropriate)
  • Already filled out forms should not be changed on reload of submit form (in case of a mistake form reloads and at times some fields are changed by the software)
  • incorporate shortcuts for freequently done tasks (i.e. let enter act as a form submitter)
  • make a loading indicator more visible (the text on the bottom statusbar is not noticeable)
  • ability to add labels on directories, our directories and the included directories and search with those labels

Overall it is a very nice software, recomended for anyone that is doing this kind of work on a day to day basis, saving them a lot of time.

But don't take my word for it; just try it. Download the trial version install it, watch the this video for an introduction and judge for yourself.