text link ads

TNX is a new text link ads broker/network that has been gaining momentum lately. On the surface it looks like most of the text link systems but deep inside its quite different.

Any website owner with at least some pages with higher PR than 0 can register as a publisher. Upon registering you should include the TNX code into your site's template and let the system crawl your pages (which could take up to a week) and then you are ready to sell text links. TNX does not serve sitewide links. Instead each page can have up to 4 unique links from advertisers.

Advantages over other similar systems

  • Individual page links are sold and this means more money for the publisher and greater text link benefit for the advertiser.
  • The advertisers select pages based on their theme/subject and value of PR and not based on the actual URL. The system does not allow the advertisers to know the actual site that their links are placed on and this helps prevent fraud (i.e. google paid links reporting etc)
  • The publisher has the opportunity to approve or disapprove advertisers on each and every page (up to 4 links per page)
  • The advertisers have at their disposal a wizard that can help them easily create many different text links with slightly different anchor texts.
  • There is a referral program in place that can help a user earn more money.
  • As of 01/04/2008 there are 39 125 Registerd Users with a daily growth of +0.28%, and there are 31 201 403 text link ads sold so far
If you are a website owner interested to know how much you could be making there is an income calculator on their homepage. You can enter your websites URL and a rough estimate of your pages PR and get your site's maximum revenue from selling TNX text ads.

If you are an advertiser you can try the system for free. Register here and get your free 5000 TNX points by posting on this thread.

GamerClix ads review

I have been experimenting lately with different sources of revenue for my online games site and I have come to install the GamerClix ads above each individual game (i.e. above pac man).

The system is very flexible and easy in setting up and running. Anyone who has used adsense in the past would find it a breeze to work with. You can use the system's "code wizard" to choose from a variety of standard industry ad formats and change the colors to match your site style and end up with the javascript code that you can "copy and paste" into your html template. This makes it a perfect candidate for an adsense alternative but, not quite. GamerClix is still in its infancy. Not too many advertisers have signed up and as a consequence the same ads are shown over and over. On top of that I have experienced that the few clicks that my ads received have resulted in no revenue which is quite puzzling but, its only been a week that the ads are running so I am willing to give it one more week to see how it goes.

In my opinion the only disadvantage is the luck of advertisers. The GamerClix team should probably set an affiliate program (which is lucking right now) in place and entice the users to refer others to the system in order to get a critical mass of active advertisers and publishers.