Make money writing and distributing articles

Make money writing and distributing articles

Webmasters need backlinks
One of the ways webmasters can get one way backlinks to their websites is through article distribution. There are on the internet lots of websites that would hold articles written by different kind of authors and are usually called article directories. These authors give their articles for free distribution in exchange for the recognition and 1-2 backlinks to their website which is usually put in their Bio box at the end of each article.

Most webmasters are not good at copywriting
The article directories in order to include the articles, require that the articles have some proper syntax and should be nicely written. Most webmasters are not famous for their writing skills hence the need for copywriters for article writing. The better an article that you can write the easier is to be accepted in the article directories. Thus if you are a freelance writer and you can't seem to land any gigs in any of the "find a freelancer" places you can try posting at the webmaster forums content writing sections.

Add value to your service; Distribute the articles
You can additionally distribute the articles to article directories for an extra fee. The more directories you submit to the more you can ask for because the more links the webmaster could get. The way this variation of article writing works is pretty simple. You write an article for a topic related to your customer's website and you use links to that site in your author's Bio box when you distribute it.

A few article directories you can start with

Or you can search the internet for more article directories.

I am warning you though, distributing articles can be a pretty time consuming task. You could certainly get article submitter software that could help you get it done faster.

Automated article distribution
It recently came to my attention the online service of Article Marketer. A writer can use this service to distribute any number of articles to more than 10000 possible publishers affiliated with Article Marketer. The advantage is that you don't have to do the distribution yourself. You only write the article choose appropriate categories insert your Bio details and the distribution is automatically handled by the system. On top of that article marketer's human editors are checking your syntax, grammar and clarity of your articles before they get distributed and allow you to correct your mistakes.

The service has a free option that promises to distribute the articles to about 20% of those publishers. I am currently using the free service to find out how effective their distribution is and I will probably be reporting the results soon.

If you are a copywriter, article writer, press release writer I encourage you to post your service website in the comments since I am sure your services might be needed in the future from visitors to my site (and me probably)


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