Bloggers/Writers: get $$ for guest blogging

Bloggers/Writers: get $$ for guest blogging

I am looking for guest bloggers for this money making blog as well as my web design blog

Why do I need guest bloggers ?
I don't have time to post very often since I only post unique articles (not copy and paste)

How will this work ?

  • Be a webmaster, designer, SEOer (other related field worker), or have ideas on how to make money on the internet
  • send me unique article(s) that can fit well in or here (There is no real guidelines other than being original and yourself and your articles are inline with the rest of the blog's)
  • if you get 2 or more articles posted in a month I will pay you $10/per article minimum. I can probably give more if they are exceptional articles. The monthly period is not a strict requirement either.

As added bonues you also get

  • my friendship (priceless ;-) )
  • 2 permanent links to your blog on every article that you write,
  • get exposed to my regular audience 50-100 uniques a day on each blog

The articles have to be unique and thoughtful, please don't waste my time and yours sending me articles that took you 1 minute to write or are just copied and pasted from elsewhere.

Hope I covered everything that needs to be said, but if you have more questions please post them here.



kid blogger said...

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