Looking for guest bloggers

Looking for guest bloggers

The time spend in writing articles on this blog is becoming very scarce lately thus the need to call for anyone interested in guest blogging once in a while ... and I do need a fresh voice in this blog ...

Only requirements are:
Be someone who is related to the field of making money online and be able to write original stuff and not just copy and paste from other sites and be inline with the rest of the material in here ...

If you think you have this just:
- Post or PM me some original work that you have done
- and/or send me the article that you want to be included,

Why would you want to guest blog here ?
1. Can be my friend (priceless )
2. You will get 2 permanent links at the end of each and every article that you write,
3. site might be PR5 soon
4. Can actually pay a bit of money if you become a regular poster ($$)
5. get exposed to my regular audience

Hope I covered everything that needs to be said, but if you have more questions please post them here.


kirbitz said...

Hi there!

I really like your blog. Sure! Its more than a pleasure to have a guest post on your blog. I contacted you on your contact's page for an exchange link.

Please let me know when can i give you the guest post and i will gladly do it not only for the exchange link but also because i really like this blog.

Have a Great Day!

Denise Nuttall said...

Nice idea to make a guest post. Check out my
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Michael Woo said...

Woah, I don't want to loose this opportunity man :)

Vabs said...


Please, Please, have a look at my blog and check the content, if you find anything more than 10% copied, kindly leave a negative comment. Any comment will be appreciated from you.

Also, as a kid in front of you, need your guidance and a backlink, please dont say no and take some time for me.

Thanks and regards,

GiorgosK said...

what kind of request is that ?
you have 13 blogs in blogger !! Which one are you referring to ?

Scott said...

I can help you with original eBay content.
or email: allbusinessauctions@yahoo.com