Automatic Directory Submission That Works! Automatic Directory Submission That Works!

Another scam !!

Well this is not exactly a scam but a case of a service that does not deserve the price of $19.95/month that it sells for; it does not even deserve 1penny if you ask me ...

The person behind the service though is a big scum ... let me explain.

I first encountered that service in may of 2007 on the v7 forums and it sounded like an interesting deal. I would pay $20 a month and then I would automatically submit all my sites and my client's sites to more than 300 directories with a push of a button. This part is true; you can actually submit as many sites to all the directories included. The problem lies in the fact that the service does not have very detailed categories for the user to choose from ... it only has top level categories and very few secondary/sub categories. Minor problem you might say but, apparently it was not minor at all. If you ever submitted to any directory you would know that the top most reason submissions get rejected is submitting in the wrong category. As a result of this non detailed automatic submission I received 300 or so emails rejecting my submission ...

Well to clear things up, nothing so far was/is a scam, is just a worthless service.

The scam lies in what followed my failed submission ... (stick around for the finale)

Once I discovered that the system was not worth anything I decided to at least send a support request so maybe the tech people could actually include a more detailed category structure and have some luck with any subsequent submissions. 2 or 3 support requests and a few PMs (personal messages) on the V7 went unanswered !!! Such a newbie I was, I forgot to actually cancel the service through the paypal interface before the beginning of the next billing cycle so I was actually charged twice for the receipt of those 600 rejection emails ( I submitted 2 sites altogether)

As soon as the 2nd subscription took effect on the beggining of the new billing cycle I realized how dumb I was ... I called up paypal and explained that it was only a few minutes that the subscription had been in effect and that I did not intend to use that service ... but I only ended up spending some more money on that phone call ... (paypal customer service could not help me)

I finally decided to contact the person that I actually paid my $40 to. Katherine Keleher. I did verify that indeed this was the person the domain was registered too.

Katherine Keleher
4 Seafare
Laguna Niguel, California 92677
United States
I send an email explaining that I had only used the service twice (for just 2 sites the whole month) and that I did not intend to use it anymore and that I thought that I deserved as a refund the whole second month + at least 1/2 of the first month's fees. Two emails were needed in order to get her attention (Katherine). On the second email she answered that she did understand my position and promised that she would issue a refund on the transaction as soon as the system allowed her too. Bullshit!! I confirmed with a paypal representative over email, that no such kind of restriction existed on the system in general. In the end she could have issued a payment to my account if she indeed wanted to refund my money.

You got to live and learn. Be warned.


Anonymous said...
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Peter said...
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Michael said...

Thanks for the warning... I'll stay far, far away.

Breaking News said...

Am staying away now! cheers.

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