How to make money online ?

How to make money online ?

Looking at my stats today (that I had not looked for some time) I noticed that for the last 20 days quite a few people visited this very blog looking for how to make money online. This site can be found on the second page of google results for the query in question so it was no surprise. It was no surprise either that most of them left immediatelly (bounced back). People are looking for a magic formula to make money online it seems !!!

The title of this website reveals that this site is NOT about making big loads of money in any short period of time even though you could but, I am not promising it. I am just presenting ideas on how I have managed to generate some revenue and ways to improve on those ideas. I personally have managed to make enough part time money from my ventures to keep me going ... the forecasted revenues are also good so that is giving an extra boost to my endeavour...

To those that are looking on how to make money online I would summarize my thoughts as follows:

  • find a subject that you are passionate about or at least one that is not going to get your bored in a month from now
  • think what you want to build and what is the demand for that
  • learn how to build it or hire someone to do it for you
  • Get a proper domain name
  • Get some cheap hosting (for starters at least)
  • build it
  • promote it
  • monetize it (put ads or affiliate links or your products on it)
  • analyze the stats
  • ask questions/read/learn impove it
  • cycle back to promotion until you get it right
Once you are comfortable with this an updating and revising your site is a breeze then you can focus on building another site

All this is usually quite involved and it needs some time investment and some patience

The more you put into your projects the more they might give back to you. Maybe not from the first months or the first year but they will.

If you have found yourself in a position of loosing your faith about making money of the internet you can consider on a recent discussion on DP on how to make $100k in 5 years in this thread:


Sophie said...
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Georgy Porgy said...
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lady said...

yes starting other blogs that really make money takes some time. I have started few more blogs and its not yielding that much money but with hard work and in the right time they will..

congrats on hitting the top spot for the keyword how to make money online.:)

Anonymous said...
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Jason said...
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Anonymous said...

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