Creating a game site, things to avoid

Creating a game site, things to avoid

Its almost 4 complete months ever since I launched Games Online 4 Free and lots of people have asked me how is it going ... so I figured an update was worth it. Well this post is not really an update but some things new game site owner should pay attention to.

Look for the latest version of the script that you are using, avoid hackers, I learned the hard way.

I installed the AVarcade as was mention on the original post but soon I was attacked by some annoying hackers due to some bugs in the code. The site would be attacked 5-6 times a day and it would be unusable for hours until I took notice. I used a temporary solution to deprive privileges from the database user so anyone getting admin rights on the script would not have update or delete privileges on the database. When the update to the script came out and I patched the code I reverted the privileges back to normal.

Make sure the gamepacks you installed don't have any objectionable games in them.

I've had google warn me that if I kept serving google adsense ads on my Hentai Puzzle games my account would be suspended. Of course the games where nothing more than girls striping on completion of the puzzle but since the google team found them objectionable other might find them too so I decided to delete the games anyway ...

Don't be impatient, traffic does not come from the first day.

I have had steadily less than 100 visitors and 300 page views per day for the last 4 months. Lately that number has gone up to more than 200 visitors and 600 pageviews, which is not huge but I know that things are improving. I figured: all the directory submission that I did 4 months ago, only started getting approved lately and google started recognizing it as a game site (due to the anchors texts that I used) and started having better positions in the SERPs. So just build as many backlinks as you can and the traffic from the search engines will rise in due time ...


Anonymous said...

Dude I should have read this 4 months ago, I also had to learn the hard way, but things are looking up. I can add a tip, update your site with games daily or weekly, I read somewhere that this will help your search rankings.

Healthy Tips said...

Cool reading about this.
How's it going now? More visitors a day? =)

Anonymous said...

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