Photographers! Make money!

Photographers! Make money!

Have some nice pictures ?
ShutterStock is running a photo stock website. It will let users, with a paid subscription, to download pictures; pictures that can't be found anywhere else.

What is in it for you ?
ShutterStock wants photographers to sign up and upload their pictures for money. They promise to give money for each download to your picture. The rate is $0.5 for each download. Not much mind you but if your pictures are nice and people download them then for 100 downloads you can get $50. Unfortunatelly the minimum payout amount is $75 which means in order to get paid you have to have your picture downloaded at least 150 times.

Another possible disadvantage to the program is that the subscription to the users starts from €121.91 which might prevent loads of people to sign up and might prevent you from reaching your minimum downloads fast.

I am not a photographer and don't have something to offer so I did not sign up but if you are it might be worth a try.

ShutterStock is not only for photographers
You can refer stock buyers and get 20% of any subscribers fees. You can also refer photographers and earn 3 cents per download of their pictures.

Here is the frequently asked questions in case you have some.


Anonymous said...

it's 25 cents per download not 50.